Abruzzo is a remote, mountainous region on the Adriatic coast, largely undisovered by tourists. The scenery is spectacular and one third of the region is designated parkland, providing sanctuary for wolves, bears and chamois, and wild boar roam freely even in more populated parts. It retains many of its age-old traditions – in the months of July and August not a day passes without a sagra or festa, designed to celebrate either a saint or a sausage when the hills resound with cannon-fire and the night sky is filled with spectacular firework displays in even the smallest villages.

The best way to discover the area is in the company of someone with expert local knowledge. Franco D’Orazio is the tour guide of “Olive Grove Farm” in Serramonacesca.  Franco, who speaks fluent Italian, English, French and German and alittle Russian, will be happy to show you both well-known and remote spots in the Abruzzo region, giving you the opportunity to taste locally produced foods such as pepperoncini (chillies), olives and tomatoes – considered by some to be the best in Italy, cheeses and salami particular to the region, red wine and olive oil, and local specialities such as arrosticini and the lamb dishes, the chitarra pasta, and near ….

Franco helping to pick some walnuts at Olive Grove Farm

Would you like a personal guide for a morning, afternoon - or a day or two during your stay?

…the coast fish dishes ranging from mussels to monkfish via the obscure and unusual. You will also meet the very friendly and generous local people of Abruzzo. Even day trips to Rome are possible. Franco is a retired music teacher and owner of the “La Galleria” in Porto San Giorgio, a coastal town  North of Pescara.

Cost  Kevin says, “I have been to Rome several times - and it is always a little daunting to know where to go, what to see,where to park, where to eat - with limited time available, especially when going for the day from Olive Grove Farm! Some people who stay at the Farm, fly into Rome instead of Pescara and stay there a night or two before coming/leaving OGF (as with a 2 hr drive each way it is a little far to see “everything” in just one day. Franco is more  than willing to drive to a location and meet you at some prearranged place I.e. your hotel, or if you go from OGF and have a seat available, come with you in your car. He has extensive knowledge of Rome  - and his charges are minimal.” You find him a very interesting guide, both locally around Abruzzo, and further afield such as Rome. A very worthwhile investment.”

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(mob: +39 (339) 629 75 75

Please try to contact before your stay to ensure availability etc.

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