The Italian Experience

We want your holiday at Olive Grove Farm to be enjoyed to the maximum, whether your choice is lazing by the pool, going to the beach, sight seeing, walking, cycling around the hills and mountains of Abruzzo or enjoying some of the other local activities. However how would you like to participate in a REAL , unique Italian experience with friendly locals during your stay, something many tourists never experience. We have been here now since 2004 and got to know well some of the many local farmers.

If your party want they can arrange a typical, relaxing Italian lunch or dinner,  at one of these beautifully situated farms,where time stands still,  just 30 mins away from Olive Grove Farm. Most produce will be locally,organically grown or reared. All with the surrounding vistas of the local mountains. Unless one knows the locals, most visitors to Italy will never see and feel  real Italian living.

One of the farmers run a busy horse stables/farm and whether you are a very experienced or just novice rider they would be pleased to see you and show some of the delights of Abruzzo, the real Abruzzo -not just the tourist track, (the route will depend on riding experience) whether it is just for an hour or the whole afternoon or day.

Why not treat your family to an experience they will never forget!

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The cost of hiring a horse is around 15 Euro/hour but discounts can be arranged for families etc.


All catering requirements must be booked in advance. The cost of the meal will depend on number of people and quantity/type of food required, but all rates are reasonable and very good value for money.

This will be a day to remember, an experience never to forget

How to Book (or find out more information)

Please contact Franco D’Orazio


Mob: +39 (339) 629 75 75

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